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N2 Purging


Removal of hydrocarbon has now been a requirement set by all the major oil operator around the world before the commencement of any construction activities. With our know how from working with major turnaround campaign from around the world look no further than us for any N2 purging related activities. Services can be engineered to your needs.

N2 Helium Leak Testing

industry machine steam

Helium is the best choice of tracer gas to find leaks for a number of reasons. It is non-toxic, inert, non-condensable, non-flammable and not normally present in the atmosphere at more than trace amounts (5 ppm). Due to its small atomic size, helium passes easily through leaks. It is the industrial practice to use this method for flange tightness test to prevent loss of containment.

N2 Drying/Blanketing & Pressure Testing


Our tailored services include, but is not limited to, other specialized N2 services such as N2 drying/ blanketing & pressure testing. At energex, we are prepared to offer our clients the best cost effective solutions.

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